When disaster strikes, regardless of the cause, everything is thrown into chaos. The first step for restoring order most often revolves around giving people a place to house their loved ones and securely store their belongings. As the “hero” in these challenging situations, everyone looks to you for a quick and effective response to their problems. Traditional storage solutions are often slow to respond in these circumstances and their model of “one truck = one storage shed” creates a logistical chaos all on its own. We understand the frustration that presents to you as someone managing a disaster site.

Xshed can deliver twenty-four 8-foot by 13-foot modular storage sheds on one truck, helping to eliminate the congestion that a typical storage provider would create. And unlike other non-permanent solutions such as tents or awnings, our weather resistant steel sheds provide the perfect solution for additional air-conditioned offices, storage and even housing. Within a few hours our teams can erect a small city or storage facility, complete with your private company or State/Federal Agency branding and logos, showing your commitment to the affected community.

Time is of the essence in these emergency situations and the Xshed emergency response team is ready to go within 24 hours. Xshed gives you the flexibility of secured storage or facilities anywhere you need, anytime you need.

Be the hero to your community or customers by exploring the Xshed solution that is perfect for you.

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