Privacy Policies and Practices:

With respect to storage of consumer private information:

 Storing Consumer Private Information:

 Any private consumer information in any way by, for or through X-Shed LLC. that has not already been purged from the X-Shed LLC. computer systems, is securely stored only at X-Shed LLC data center located in the United States.

 With respect to sharing of consumer private information to other parties:

 Sharing Consumer Private Information:

 Consumer Information obtained in any way by X-Shed LLC. is never shared with any other party, unless a consumer has authorized sharing their information with another party.  

 With respect to selling of consumer private information to other parties:

 Selling consumer Private Information:

 Consumer information obtained in any way by X-Shed LLC. is never sold to any other party. 

 With respect of password requirements and online security:

 Protecting Consumers Private Information:

 X-Shed LLC. takes the highest precautions to keep our clients and consumers data protected. We adopt the highest standards available for client and consumer authentication. In order to ensure the integrity of our system, X-Shed LLC. requires the following password requirements. 

  • Password length
    • Between 8-20 Characters
    • Have an upper case letter
    • Have a number
    • Have one acceptable special characters: $ . ! % ^ * @
  • Password History - Cannot re-use the last 4 passwords
  • Password Expiration - Every 90 days
  • Password Attempts - Maximum of 3 attempts
  • Idle Timeout - 15 minutes of inactivity will result to invalidation of user's session
  • Lockout Duration - Permanent or until user or X-Shed LLC. staff resets the password


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